Play 2 Learn
Child & Family Therapy & Consulting, A Professional Corporation
Monica Fyfe, Owner
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Services Provided:
Trainings, Consultations and Presentations: 

• School-based In-services 

• Parent Education Workshops 

• Staff Trainings  

• Individual Therapy (Child/Teen/Adult) 

• Family Therapy, Parent Training

• Parent Support Groups/Parent Coaching 

• Social Skills Groups  

• Sibling Support Groups  

• Educational Consulting and Coaching   

Independent Assessments Including: 

• Developmental Assessments  

• Play and Social Skills Assessments 

• FBA (Functional Behavior Assessments) 

• BSP (Behavior Support Plans)  

Our Safe & Special Play Room!  One of the few true Play Rooms in the South Bay! 
Our Family Friendly Waiting Room
Our HOPE TREE helps our clients create goals and visualize them with moments of mindfulness.
Our Teen, Adult and Family Room